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Welcome to Our Practice

Many people find their life purpose through personal experiences. And it is those personal experiences that make them passionate about their careers. Dr. Cynthia Ochi of Wading River, NY, is one of these people. Both she and her mother suffered from pain and other symptoms, being told medication was the only option. This medication took a toll on her mother that Dr. Ochi wasn’t willing to endure. Fortunately, the two of them eventually found the relief and help they needed through chiropractic care.

Grateful for an avenue that not only brought relief but also brought a sense of wholeness, Dr. Ochi dove into chiropractic care to be a passionate advocate for natural and holistic care for residents in and around Wading River, NY. She is dedicated to helping patients naturally and comprehensively achieve relief from symptoms and conditions such as back pain, neck pain, sciatica, nerve pain, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease, headaches, and more.

To provide holistic and comprehensive care for the whole family she offers a wide range of services. These include but are not limited to diagnostic testing, advanced gentle spinal corrections, therapeutic exercises, soft tissue therapy, myofascial release, electrical stimulation therapy, and ultrasound therapy. While relieving your pain and suffering is integral, it only plays one part. The overarching goal is to provide lasting relief and help achieve vitality and optimal function through various chiropractic techniques, as well as lifestyle and nutritional counseling.

If you’re searching for true relief that doesn’t come with the side effects of medication, and you want to improve your overall health, quality of life, and function, Dr. Ochi of Wading River, NY, is passionate and committed to helping you achieve this goal. Take control of your health and healing by taking the first step: calling to schedule a chiropractic appointment today.


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